Interior Decorating Tips for Home Staging Process

Interior Decorating Tips for Home Staging Process

Home stagers are magicians that transform spaces. Even unsellable houses are sold when they apply best interior decoration ideas.

Below are some interior decorating tips from professional home stagers to make space look warm and welcoming.

Make bed a sanctuary

Bed making can be a chore but make it feel luxurious [hotel-like] with plump bedding, pillows and white linen.

Scent matters

Great scented candle makes the room feel peaceful and calm. Don’t use cheap product because scent matters.

Mirrors make difference

Amplify room brightness with wall mirrors opposing light sources. Mirrors visually double square footage of a room.

Never forget light

Bright is not always ideal, so add dimmers on every light to set right mood. Add table lamps and chandeliers to bring style. Remove outdated light fixtures from the main rooms and use high wattage lamps for maximum effects.

Add texture

Layer and blend textures for visual interest. E.g. fur throw and textured pillows on the sofa creates a cosy and inviting look.

Big art is better

Larger canvases add statement and make wall space look large. Paint accent wall to add focal point as well function as backdrop for artwork. Artwork needs to be hung in the centre above any furniture. Midpoint needs to be around 60” from floor.

Drapes create illusion of height

Simple floor to ceiling drapes can create high ceiling illusions. Ensure to hand them properly – start from ceiling and allow them to kiss the floor.

Paint neutral, float furniture, never ignore bathrooms, allow sunshine in, create centrepieces, and more. Stage home for marketing at a specific price point.

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